About Eugenie Kawabata



Eugenie Kawabata is an independent, Melbourne based maker designer. Her practice is informed by an interest in design’s transformation of materiality and how this affects the way we engage with objects. Her practice also focuses on the hands-on experience, the act of designing through making.

Eugenie offers beautifully crafted, adaptable pieces that are ideal for small contemporary urban spaces, which give a truly unique and artisanal experience.

Forms of simplicity and elegance echo artisan practices of the past. Eugenie seeks to blur the line between art and design, while embracing an ethos of sustainability.

Eugenie recently launched her new collection of decorative one-off vessels Yakka; and a new addition to the Fold collection - Karijini Twilight at this year's Melbourne Design Week 2018.

Eugenie has developed her own signature processes of making, ensuring each of her pieces are unique. Eugenie demonstrates through her collections a commitment to reimagining materials and form, sustainable production and enduring, timeless design.

Design Service

Eugenie offers a commissioned design service. This includes bespoke objects, furniture and lighting pieces. Please get in touch if you have a project in mind.


Eugenie with some of her Yakka Collection and her Flocked Wall Hooks

Eugenie with Fold Side Table in Lime